We started this project by asking people what they knew about their water—and how it tasted...

Do You know where your water comes from?

  • "Lake Michigan to me via pipe."
  • "I think there are a few reservoirs around Baltimore City...maybe from one of those? Yikes."
  • "A water treatment plant, pipes underground, out the tap? Honestly, this is the first time I've thought about it."

Describe the taste of your water

  • "Chlorine-y."
  • "Slight mineral/gravel-ish taste."
  • "Crisp and sweet with a slight metallic twang."
  • "Very subtle tininess, so tastes like the color orange."

Water is weird, huh? This website will explore these topics and more.

This website is a collaboration between artists Benjamin Andrew and Paz Tornero designed to engage global audiences with the subject of water. The project developed out of a virtual residency organized by the SciArt Center called The Bridge—an interdisciplinary program bringing together artists and scientists. In this case, both the authors of this website are interdisciplinary practitioners with some experience working in scientific fields. For more informaiton, read our development blog.

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